January 28, 2011

Fished my wish!

You know, when you get what you are asking for while playing "Go Fish"? Well, I got my winter wonderland after all! We ended up getting about 10 inches of snow, which wouldn't mean much to folks in Utah, but out here on the East Coast I guess snow plows and good drivers are in short supply. As much as the power outages, abandoned cars, closed businesses, and lots of shoveling agitated most people, I was in heaven! I LOVE the snow! I guess it reminds me of happy childhood memories-- sledding with my friends, laughing at yellow snow, building snowmen and forts, eating snow with a little strawberry syrup, no school, hot chocolate, and puzzles and board games with the family.

We finished out the week with no school Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday! (Nothing like getting paid for hanging out at home!) John even got off work early Wednesday and all day Thursday, so it was fun to get to spend some extra time together. Our power has been out since Wednesday so it has been one big sleepover party at my parents' house along with every other kid in the neighborhood without power. Here are a few shots of the beautiful white blanket of snow :)

Samson hanging out with his buddy Toby. He loves the snow almost as much as I do!
John digging us out of our white jungle

January 26, 2011


There's nothing a child loves more than an unscheduled day off of school, and let me tell you, teachers MIGHT just even love it more! Boy did I miss these in Utah. I couldn't believe last year I had to wake up in a white winter wonderland, shower, get dressed, dig out my car, and go to school. I would have much preferred to play in the snow or drink hot chocolate while curled up to a good movie. Anyway, good old Maryland, you never disappoint. Today is snow day 2 of 2011. It's not much of a beautiful winter wonderland outside, but I'm definitely not complaining!! I'm just crossing my fingers for another "Snomagedon" like the East Coast Winter of 2010.

Baby girl is growing very large, along with my bump, which I would consider more of a beach ball. The other day a friendly ghetto janitor at my school commented, "Dang girl, you gettin' big!" I guess that's what's suppose to happen so maybe I should be happy that baby is getting all the nutrients...plus a little cookie dough...that she needs. Last night John and I took a hospital tour to start getting prepared for the big delivery! It was good to hear about what would be happening and see the different areas, but I have to admit I left a little teary eyed, scared of what is to come. But, IT'S TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW!!! So I better toughen up. Well, here are some lovely fatty lady pictures for you all to get your kicks and giggles. Enjoy!

Here I am at 30 weeks for both pictures

Can't you tell I'm excited?

While my belly is getting rounder, John and Dave have been working hard on making theirs flatter. They are doing Calleva's annual "fat camp" and are dragging themselves to the gym every morning. Hopefully John will be in tip top shape when baby comes so his arms don't get too tired from all that middle of the night rocking he will have to do.

John's little brother Michael recently left for his Mission so of course the boys had to go on several late night escapades before he left. Here are some fun pictures of them caving in West Virginia:

January 12, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 brings a year full of brand-news for us!! The year of baby girl Harding's birth, my first mother's day, John's first father's day, L-1 of law school... Exciting changes coming our way! Baby seems to be growing strong and healthy, as is mommy's tummy. I have to be a little more careful this month because I endulged a little too much over the holidays and my doctor says I'm only allowed to gain 4 pounds this month. John's such a great support that he had the same problem over the holidays, haha! Needless to say, we are both trying to cut down a bit. Any ideas on healthy delish dinner ideas?

Here's how we brought in the New Year! Game night at the Hunter's! Pretty lame, but we are old married parents *almost*. Plus we had fun!