January 12, 2013

Holiday Fun

Christmas has come and gone. After John survived round 3 of finals, we opened our presents, packed our car and headed up to DC. This year our big gift to each other was a brand new Phil & Ted double stroller. The funny thing is, we were actually both pretty excited about it (man, are we getting old or what??)

We loved getting to see all the family in town. Julie and Daniel flew in from Utah, as well as Andrew and Kristen. We also had the whole Florida Hunter gang here. Addie loved all of the attention and spending time with her many cousins/ new besties. 

Opening presents at home before our trip to DC. Addie loved her new "pack-pack".

Helping Cici get ready for the big Christmas Eve Party 

Some love from Pawpaw

Ready to cook in her new kitchen

Our first "child" getting some lovin

 Muzzie's grandchildren

Christmas Morning

Playing in the snow

Since everyone was in town we took advantage of the weekend and held a Hunter/Harding family photo shoot!

Ringing in 2013! Games and fun with the Hunters

 Girl's day out-- our New Year's day tradition. Fun shopping and lunch with the ladies!

On our last day in DC, we took Addie to visit Grandpa Hunter's grave for the first time in Arlington Cemetery. He was such an important figure in her Daddy's life and is the man behind her future baby brother's name, Hunter.

At Dave & Buster's for Grandpa Beans' birthday bash. 
Addie is a girl after my own heart and rocked it at "whack-a-mole".

 She also has her Daddy's need for speed! (Notice John on the motorcycle behind Addie.)
 She can even drive stick!

Now we are just home in Charlottesville, playing the waiting game, hoping for our little man to make his grand appearance soon!