September 21, 2009

Long overdue...

Where to begin. We just remembered why it took us so long to set up a blog in the first place. Like most of you, our lives have been pretty crazy these last few months. We spent the rest of our summer in DC with the fam, then headed out to good old P-town for John’s last year of undergrad.

Jules took some great pics of our family in Maryland before we said our goodbyes.

Out here in Provo we are both working hard. John is taking a full schedule as well as TAing for an intense econometrics class. Rachael is LOVING her job teaching 3rd grade at Noah Webster Academy. It took her a long time to get her classroom looking just the way she wanted, but it turned out pretty dang cute. Here are a few shots.
Notice the green chair lovingly painted by darling husband John.

Our cozy little apartment has been kept full as family have been in and out. Dawn came out to bring Michael to school. Cathey came out on her way to bring Julie to Idaho. Rich and Cat were out for a college visit, and Kevin’s been out for some ballooning adventures.

Once such adventure fell right smack on our one year anniversary. We packed our bags and headed out to Eden, Utah. John helped crew for Kevin and the boys planned a surprise flight for Rachael. They even announced our anniversary as we took off from the field.

During Eden we met some friends who balloon around Provo. On our free weekends we’ve been going out with them. John hopes to start working towards his pilot’s license in his spare time…ha..spare time.

Law school. The new focus of the moment. About a week before the semester started John decided to set his sights on getting into law school next year. (That means he only has three months to prepare for the LSAT eeek!) He went off to Borders and bought himself a prep book and has been working furiously ever since. He’s taken a few practice tests and is right on track to apply for some of his top schools being UVA and Georgetown.

Our sweet little baby has been not so sweet these past few weeks. Moving to Utah meant loosing his two best friends, Bryant and Harley, the Carver and Harding doggies. With John in school and Rachael working, he found new hobbies to keep himself entertained. This is what we often came home to…..

And this is where he now lives when we leave….

Anyway, hope this gives you the Harding update! We love you all!