April 16, 2013


We recently celebrated Addie’s 2nd birthday. I had talked with her ahead of time and she made her prefernce clear, she wanted a Mickey Mouse birthday party, so that’s just what she got. For days leading up to it, she would let everyone know (even the occasional strangers in the grocery line) that, “My birthday’s comin’ up! I havin’ a Mickey Mouse party!”

With the help of pinterest I found some cute party ideas. We had Mickey decorations, Mickey food, and Mickey games. A few of Addie’s Charlottesville pals came out to celebrate, along with some family and close friends from Maryland.

Addie was so excited to see all things Mickey, including this darling dress my bff Fletch made for her.
The games didn’t go quite as I had planned, I should have known 2 and 3 year old are a little young for them. But even though rules weren’t exactly followed, the kids had fun running all around the yard and playing the games on their terms!



We all had a great day, especially our sweet birthday girl- she loved being the center of attention.


Since we already had the family here, we planned Hunter’s baby  blessing for the next day. Our little guy was surrounded by love with lots of great men.

Scott, Derek, Uncle Dave, Pop, Dad, Beans, Steve and Adam. 
Uncle Shayne  held the microphone just like he did for Addie’s blessing.

And since we didn't get too many shots of the boy on his special day, here's a few of his sweet sweet smiles! Can't get enough of him :)

 **Special thanks to my bestie for trekking out to Cville to share the weekend with us, despite the snowstorm! Also thanks for all the fun pics!! Credit to Sarah Fletcher Photography @ sarahfletcherphoto.com