May 7, 2013

Bye Bye 2L

The school year is coming to a close this week! John has one more dreaded final to conquer.  We can’t wait to have our Daddy back. We have been trying to stay busy while he has been out studying. The kids and I took a few trips back to Maryland--once to see Becca’s play and another so that Hunter could meet his Aunt Kristen, who came in town for a big race.

We've also tried to stay busy going to exercise class, cooking class, and music class. We even went on a fun hike with a bunch of the other law school mommies and kiddies.

But whenever we get to spend a few hours or even minutes with Dad, it’s definitely a big treat!

We will miss our home and friends in Charlottesville as we leave next week, but we are excited to share our sweet kiddies with our family. They are growing up way too fast and we are loving (almost) every minute.