November 18, 2011

All grown up

As I have been thinking about all of Adeline's newest accomplishments I am realizing my little baby girl isn't exactly a baby anymore. We are leaving the infant stage and headed to toddler at full force. It's bitter sweet. I love my sweet happy little snuggle girl and a part of me wishes she would stay that way for ever, but at the same time she is learning so much and watching her grow is very exciting.

Where to begin? It seems like the past two weeks have just been a world wind of new achievements. After about a week of inchworm crawls across the carpet, Addie is now up on all fours crawling like a baby on a mission. This girl is fast and always seems to be headed in the direction of food, or anything that might resemble food, like small scraps of paper!

I guess as she quickly realized that she can be mobile, she has set her sights on even bigger goals like climbing up into standing position on mom, dad, couches, chairs, and her bed. We had to lower her crib after discovering her hanging out over the rails during her supposed nap time. She's still climbing up, but now we aren't worried about her taking a nose dive over the side.

Our friendly girl has also learned to wave, never failing to make some old lady's day every time we visit the grocery store.

This week we went on a play date to the park. We've never taken Addie before because I guess I always thought she was too young and she couldn't actually play. She proved me wrong when I put her in the swing, she absolutely LOVED it!! She smiled and laughed at every push.

Addie recently decided to boycott all baby food, preferring instead to eat whatever is on Mom or Dad's plate. So we ran with it and so now in addition to her bottles, Addie now eats 3 table food meals a day. Yes, a little early, but that's what the girl wants. We give her little pieces of whatever we are having whether its rice, noodles, chicken, roast, biscuits. And when those pieces aren't coming fast enough, she sure lets us know about it. We have got a little monster on our hands already!

I guess all these new accomplishments are really taking a toll on her because the other night at dinner this is what happened....

It's definitely making us rethink her 8 oclock bedtime. 7 maybe???

November 10, 2011

Visit from the Grands

Last weekend Addie has two special visitors for the day, her Grammy Dawn and her Great-Grandma Hunter.
We gave them a quick tour around the UVa main campus including the well known Rotunda and its accompanying lawn. The campus is especially beautiful this time of year with the leaves changing.

We did a little shopping on The Corner then we were treated to a delicious dinner at a fantastic South African restaurant. At home Addie showed off some of her new tricks, like her inch worm crawling. It was a short, but sweet visit and we were all glad to get the chance to see them!

November 1, 2011


This year we were excited at the idea of dressing up our own little goblin for Halloween. Here in Charlottesville there were events going on all week long. Since our little one doesn't have teeth and her momma doesn't allow her any candy just yet, we chose a few events to go to mostly just to see our friends. First we went to a Halloween event at the law school. The first year students (1L's) each set up a booth with candy, crafts, or games for professors' and students' children. I was a little nervous Addie would get her costume dirty before our next party so she wore her plan B costume, a Little Lady Bug.
The next evening we attended our ward Halloween party and Trunk-or- Treat. Addie wore her real costume, a little Piggy!!
She loved helping to hand out the candy to the kids... and even tried to steal a few pieces herself!
On Halloween we decided we would skip out on trick- or- treating this year. Instead we dressed up to hand out candy. We were the 3 Little Pigs. Addie loved playing with our noses.

We were a little disappointed that we only had TWO trick-or-treaters, but we invited a few friends over and made some yummy caramel apples!