March 19, 2013

Two kids Too many!?

Hunter is growing up too fast! This week he will be 2 months, already!! He has changed so quickly. He already looks different from the sweet newborn pictures we had taken at about 2 1/2 weeks.

I keep hearing myself telling him to stop growing up!!! I will definitely miss this tender newborn stage. But at the same time, its so fun to see what the next stages bring. He is much more attentive now, smiling often and interested in what's going on.

Lately we have been trying to figure out life with 2 kids under 2! Well, to be fair, Addie turns 2 next week. And while she is super independent, she also requires A LOT of attention-- all the time. (She can usually be found standing on her bench putting on loud performances for her audience of animals, mommy, daddy, and baby.) The first few weeks having Hunter home were a little rough. Addie insisted on having her desires met no matter what was going on with the baby and if his needs were getting in her way she would yell at me and tell me to, "put Baby Hunter in his swing!!" We even had a few tantrums, new to this house. At times when my tone was getting serious as I corrected her, she matched it and with a stern look stated, "I going time out!!!"

 Lucky for us, as she has gotten more use to the baby being around we have noticed less mood swings and even a little bond forming between the two. Now Addie asks to hold him and always insists on helping Mommy to change diapers or put in his pacifier. She can often be found snuggled up close to her little brother singing to him when he is upset and telling him in a reassuring voice, "Don't be sad Baby Hunter, be happy." Those little moments melt my heart.  Just yesterday, I was cooking some dinner in the kitchen when Hunter became upset in the living room. I walked over to see what the problem was when I was promptly shoo'd out of the room by my Adeline. She shoved me out and said, "No Mommy, you go back in kitchen, I check on baby Hunter!" Made me chuckle. So it's definitely taking some time, but there is hope. I think we will figure out this two kid thing yet!