June 23, 2012

Little Miss Independent


These days Addie loves to do everything by herself! And it doesn't help matters much that she thinks she is 25. She wants to sit in the grown up chairs, play on the grown up computers, talk on the grown up phones, feed herself, wash her own hands, cross streets without holding hands and lots more. Here's our independent lady acting way older than her age (15 months this week!! ah, where does the time go???)

June 14, 2012

Please Sir, I want some more!

The other day, I was browsing through a few shots on my phone and noticed picture after picture of my sweet little thing stuffing her face! So it got me thinking, is she seriously eating all the time? Answer-- yes!! There's the generic 3 meals in the high chair, there's after breakfast snack, before lunch snack, and whenever she pretty much feels like it snack. At my parent's house the pantry cabinet doors go to the floor so they are just the right level for her to open them up, peer inside, decide what she wants, and pull it out. Good thing this little piggy is so active or she might just turn into one!


It's no wonder that some of her first words were her favorite food items-- cheese and strawberry. Here's my lovey eating some yogurt using the correct sign language for "more" to tell me to KEEP IT COMING MOM!


June 6, 2012

Summer Days

We started off our summer with a quick trip to New York to celebrate John surviving his first year of law school. We met up with our besties Sarah and Scotty for some lunch and shopping.
Then we were off to see Newsies!!! It was so great and both John and I LOVED it! Definitely a must see if you are considering it. I snapped a picture of John dancing around just like the boys carrying the banner, but it turned out a little blurry... 

John has been pretty happy with his summer associate job with the law firm in DC. He has been working hard, billing hours, and spending lots of time on the metro-- great practice for what's to come!

He enjoyed his Memorial Day off with his family by taking a trip to the farm to see Dave, Gloria, and Emma. Dave took us on a tour of the place, hayride style.  

Addie got to see some of the animals on the farm up close and personal. She was a little nervous, but enjoyed pointing and laughing from a safe distance.  Out of the chickens, goats, and horses she liked the horses best. She especially liked watching her cousin Emma show her skills and ride around on the horse! It was such a fun day. We are glad to be so close to D & G and are super excited to meet our newest cousin baby Christopher when he arrives sometime this week!

 Addie's favorite food ever is strawberries. And since she enjoyed picking so much in Charlottesville, we had to go here in Maryland before the season was over! This time we went with Sarah, my mom (CiCi), Gloria, and Emma.

 Here's a fun pic of our little independent lady. She always wants to do everything by herself now, whether it's swinging on the big swing, pouring her drink, washing her hair or playing on the computer. She seems to be learning something new everyday and it's amazing to watch. We can't wait to see what new things she'll be doing by the end of the summer.