April 27, 2011

one month old

Adeline is one month old today! Gosh, it seems like the time has flown by. Our baby girl is so sweet. She is spending more and more time awake (which sometimes means a bit more crying), she is almost sleeping through the entire night, she can pick up that heavy head of hers for a few seconds, she focuses on faces and can even tract when she wants to. Her latest accomplishment is a half- roll. This helps her travel all over in her crib. We are loving every day with this sweet girl!

Here is a sneak-peak at some of the pictures from Addie's first photoshoot to celebrate her one month milestone.

Photography by Elliott O'Donovan www.facebook.com/eophoto

April 26, 2011


Addie celebrated her very first Easter Sunday! No egg hunts this year. Instead, we went to church then had a yummy lunch with her CiCi, Pop, and the rest of the Carver clan. After that we celebrated with dinner and dessert with the Hunter/Harding gang. We are so lucky to have family so close!
The Easter Bunny left Addie a basket with all of her Mommy and Daddy's
favorite holiday candy...what a coincidence!

Addie and her Dad at church with cousin Emma and Uncle Dave

We had quite an adventure earlier in the week as Addie took her first road trip. We drove the long 8 hours to visit her great grandparents in Tennessee for Spring Break. Addie was such a trooper and Muzzie and Pawpaw were so excited to meet her!

4 generations hanging out on top of the Smokey Mountains!

She even took her first jacuzzi bath at the cabin and loved the bubbles!

Later on in the week Adeline got to meet even more of her crazy family! Daniel returned home from college and couldn't wait to hold his new niece.

Only a few more weeks left until she gets to meet her Uncle Andrew and Aunt Kristen! We can't wait!!

April 11, 2011

Baby's first...

Addie is already two weeks old! We have been having so much fun with her that we don't even mind a little less sleep. Here are a few pictures of what she has been up to this week.

Addie's first walk
Samson, Mommy, and Addie walked to meet Daddy at the bus stop after work.
She slept through most of it!

Addie's first night in her crib
She is so wiggly that we got nervous having her sleep in her moses basket. Daddy and Pop set up her crib and she has been loving it. Doesn't she look so small in that big bed?

Addie's first bottle
We got a breast pump for when I have to go back to work.
Here is Daddy feeding Addie for the very first time!

Addie's first bath
Her umbilical cord finally fell off, so Addie got a good cleaning!
Can't you just smell that clean baby??? MMmmm
Pretty darn cute, don't you think???

April 2, 2011

*Sweet Adeline*

Sweet Adeline,
My Adeline,
At night, dear heart,
For you I pine.
In all my dreams,
Your fair face beams.
You're the flower of my heart,
Sweet Adeline.

She's here!! Were we ready? Well, not exactly. Are we loving her? Every stinking minute! Adeline Elizabeth Harding came to our family Sunday, March 27. I have to admit, she was a little scrunchy looking at first, not to mention a little cone head action, but my little mushy girl is growing more and more beautiful each day.

My actual due date was not suppose to be until April 8, but at my 37 week visit the doctor let me know that I was already 4 cm dialated and that we needed to unpack the baby stuff cause it didn't look like I would last even 2 more weeks. She also said she thought I would go pretty fast so as soon as I started feeling contractions we needed to move our tushies to the hospital.

I tried to pay attention to all the little signals my body was giving me, afraid I would go into labor and not know it. My bff Fletch was hoping and praying baby girl would come sooner because she was leaving on a long trip March 26. Well, baby almost cooperated, but she had to arrive fashionably late. Saturday night/Sunday morning I started feeling contractions but they didn't hurt so I wasn't sure if it was the real thing or not. Around 8 am they started coming more regularly- about 10 minutes apart- we called the advice line. Just during the short phone call the contractions became closer together, about 5 minutes apart, so we left for the hospital.
Along the way we took our time dropping off Samson at my mom and dad's and getting my dad and John to give me a blessing.

Once we arrived at the hospital my contractions were getting a little stronger, but I still sort of thought they might send us home. It wasn't until the doc came to check me and informed me I was 6 cm dialated and moving quickly that my contractions started to hurt. I guess the confirmation that we would be staying let my body go for it, cause man, those contractions were killer! As soon as I was transferred to labor and delivery they let me have the epidural right away. It was amazing, it worked instantly relieving all my pain and contrary to what I anticipated, I could still move and feel my legs and feet.

Anyway, it was all smooth sailing after that. They actually had to slow me down because I needed to receive antibiotics for the strep virus I was carrying. After I had the meds in my system, they let me start pushing. My mom and mother in law Dawn were there with John to coach me on. I was laughing as I tried to push watching the moms' faces turn red as they held their breath and pushed with me! Addie came right out after pushing maybe 15 minutes.
What a surreal feeling! John and I kept looking at one another and saying, "Is this real life??"

Both mom and baby recovered quickly so now we are all at home spending time together as a new family, and loving every moment! John got all week off work and has been taking such good care of both of us. He's already got this daddy thing down, especially the swaddling part! Here are a few shots from our first few days with little Addie.
Thanks for all the love and support!

Beautiful Grandmas

Proud Grandpa forever forward known as "Pop"

Uncle Shayne was so excited to meet Addie

Coming home from the hospital!
So little in her big seat.
Addie at home awake, mesmerized by her Daddy

Samson looking after Miss Adeline