December 9, 2012

Big Girl

Since Addie is going to be a big sister in just a few more weeks (yikes!) we have started transitioning her to the things that big girls do-- and she has been soaking them in like a champ. First we bought her a toddler toilet seat. Addie has dubbed this her "Big Girl Potty". We are not pressuring her into being potty trained any time soon, especially with the new baby coming, but we wanted to have the seat around for her to get use to and begin to take interest in. She was terrified of the sitting on the regular toilet, but as soon as we brought home the short, beautiful pink potty the girl loved it! She pee-peed in her big girl potty 3 times that day as well as the day after. Since then I haven't been as good about asking her if she wants to use it. She usually pees in it about once a day. We will eventually work up to more, but we think its a great start.

     Sitting on her big girl potty for the very first time

Another new piece of furniture in our home is a cute little toddler bed that we inherited from John's family and brought home after Thanksgiving. Again, we didn't want to transition Addie too soon, but we did want to set it up in her room and rearrange the furniture since Addie and her baby brother will be sharing a room. The very first night we set it up, Addie climbed in her "Big Girl Bed" and laid her head on the pillow. We decided to give it a chance and let her sleep there. She made it the whole night without climbing out (or falling out). In the morning when she was ready to get up she yelled, "Mommy, I awake!" She has been sleeping in it ever since for both naps and the night time.

First night sleeping in her big girl bed

Addie and her pal AJ think they are big kids on campus in the law school auditorium

Adeline is talking in phrases and sentences now and singing the lyrics to lots of different songs. She also likes to make up words to her own songs. She counts to 10 (and according to her, after 10 comes 30...duh) and she knows most of her colors. She surprises us everyday with something new or insightful. It's so amazing to watch her soak in the world around her. We are finally starting to realize that this sweet little bundle of ours is no longer an itty bitty, but is transitioning into our beautiful "big girl."