November 29, 2012

Give Thanks

We made the drive to Maryland to spend time with family over the Thanksgiving holiday.  John filled up his bag with textbooks and papers to read and write, but of course, was more interested in hanging out with the gang. It was a fairly short trip, but we made the most out of it, spending time with people we love best. 

Our family arriving at Rich and Nicole's for Thanksgiving dinner

                                                          The yummy dessert spread

Happy to have Uncle Michael home safely from Africa!

Addie loved hanging out with her big cousins Maren and John-John

She went for the broccoli first! What a good girl!


So so grateful for our sweet girl. She brings so much happiness into our lives each day. 
We know she will be a fantastic big sister. 

Addie tagged along for a pedi with Mom and Auntie Sarah

Fit in a quick snuggle with this guy!!

Finished off our visit with tickets to see Jekyll & Hyde
 at the Kennedy Center with Dawn and Kerry

So thankful for all of our many many blessings. We are especially mindful of the wonderful family we have been blessed with- both extended and immediate, along with our own growing family!

Happiness is only real when shared
Into the Wild

November 17, 2012

Loving Our Little

Addie will be 20 months in a little over a week. We are absolutely loving watching her learn and grow every day. Her vocabulary alone this month has nearly doubled, putting her at over 200 words. She's also been putting her words together and using lots of new phrases. Every morning when John has to leave she gives him his hug and kiss and says, "bye daddy, i love you, a'day at school."  She can (almost) count to 10 "2,3,4,5,6,8,10" and she is beginning to correctly identify colors-- her favorite is pink but she can also spot green, purple, yellow, and blue. At this point in her development, her verbal skills are definitely a strength and it seems like she learns at least one new word every day.

Hanging out with her best pals (and flirting with boys!)

Addie loves to do grown up things like clean the dishes, cook dinner, flush the toilet, take care of her baby, and push her own shopping cart.

Addie's shopping lunch date with Mom. We treated ourselves to pizza and soda!

Addie doing yard work at our Monticello service project. She was really into it!

This is such a fun age and we simply cannot get enough of her. Nearly every night as we go to bed John tells me how much he loves his little girl and how he can't imagine ever loving another child as much as he loves her (but we know he will). They share such a sweet bond. We can't believe our family will be growing so soon, but we are excited. I am especially grateful for our eternal family and that Heavenly Father entrusts us with these sweet sweet spirits. What a truly amazing calling to be a mother and a father.

November 3, 2012

Fall Festivities

Fall is here! We have been enjoying the nice days outside, 

bundling up on the chilly days,

                            and spending time doing activities inside on the really cold days!

Last weekend we spent time together at the Virginia Law Families'  Harvest Festival. There was so much to do at the farm-- a petting zoo, hayrides, a corn maze, a huge slide and lots of other fun activities.

Addie went on this huge slide with her Daddy and LOVED it! She kept asking for more!

On Halloween morning, Addie and I spent a few hours at Bounce N Play with a few friends. It was our first time, and she had a ball! It was definitely a special treat that we will have to take advantage of on another chilly day.

This was Addie's very first year of trick or treating. We took her to The Lawn, a UVA Halloween tradition.  She was a pro! Although she didn't like to say, "trick or treat," she would forcefully stick her arm out at every door demanding her candy... as sweetly as she could of course, and she would usually receive it with a "Thank You" :)  Everyone thought she was darling and her parents happened to agree.

Practicing her door approach

On our way to The Lawn

"Check out my stash Mom!"