August 19, 2011

A little behind...

Well it's been almost a month since we last posted. While not much happens in a month for boring old adult life, with Addie, it's a whole 'nother story!!! She is getting to be so much fun. In fact, Uncle Andrew--who is NOT a little baby person (he refers to Adeline as the worm) was overheard saying, "She is actually kind of enjoyable to be around now." Addie smiles at everyone, even admiring strangers at the grocery store. She's discovered her toys and has become somewhat good at entertaining herself.Samson's become much more careful around her when she's on the ground and the two can often be found lying close together keeping each other company. Addie is a little chatter box and loves to talk and laugh with Mom and Dad. John is already worried about the distractions she's going to cause him when he should be studying because she is just so fun to be around!

We finished our move the Charlottesville, VA and John is nervously anticipating the beginning of school! More on that to come :)

Smells so sweet
Our happy Adeline!
Playing with her new friend from Grandpa Kevin
Silly little girl
Meeting Aunt Sarah in person!