November 25, 2013

F is for Fall

John is not the only one that has been going to school lately. Addie started in a pre-school co-op group. We take turns and teach a lesson once a week. She is loving it and getting so much out of it! She loves to learn and show off all her projects. She also enjoys working on her homework, just like Daddy.  Along with pre-school and music class, Addie also started tumbling class and ballet class. She practices her new tricks at home and it getting more comfortable with balancing and using her body. We are really proud of all she is learning.  Her attitude is also changing with far less meltdowns and she is becoming a really great helper with her little brother.

First day of pre-school. She told me she was a little scared so we held hands!

our little ballerina

tumbling class

corn maze

my shopping buddies

Hunter is growing up too fast. He is super mobile and gets into everything. He loves food or any object that resembles it.  He is cruising on furniture but not super anxious to walk on his on. He is going through a super clingy stage, which is a bit frustrating and makes it hard to get things done. I just have to keep reminding myself that I should be happy he loves his momma and wants to cuddle up with me, it may not last long! He knows how to clap, wave, and blow kisses but chooses to do so when he feels like it.
hiking with dad

trying to escape

begging for food, apparently it works

softball time

clapping for Pop

pushing along

For fall break we enjoy another vacation at outer banks with our best pals from law school.  Our house was right on the beach this year! We loved spending time with our friends and hope to continue this tradition even after we are all graduated and working.

 We have the best friends in Charlottesville! We did a murder mystery dinner together, 80's themed. It was a blast!

The hollywood actress and the Harvard snob

For Halloween Addie decided she wanted to be a ladybug. We tried to stick with her theme and made Hunter a caterpillar while John and I were bug catchers.  We went trick or treating at the UVA lawn again this year, such a beautiful campus! We took some family portraits there and explored the secret gardens, stay tuned for those later!