July 11, 2012

she's lovin' it!

The Golden Arches. Yes. Might just be the happiest place on earth. Okay but truthfully, we try to avoid all grease pits, fast food joints, and the likes, but lately I have been having this serious salt craving. How might one satisfy a salt craving? Why, bring on the french fries of course!  So Addie got to experience her very first happy meal. (We later found out that John felt quit left out that we would hit this major life milestone without him.)

                    Here are some shots of the special occasion...Enjoy! (She sure did!)

July 5, 2012

Independence Day

 The best part of our Fourth of July was that we got to hang out with Dad all day long! It was such a special treat as he has been pretty busy with work and preparing for upcoming interviews. We enjoyed a fun ward breakfast at the park, dip in the pool, and party in the evening-- fireworks and all. Addie was a little unsure of the bright lights and loud noises, but eventually she began saying, "Wow!" and clapping after each giant burst. We always say our baby can sleep anywhere, and she didn't disappoint as she drifted off to dream land in my arms near the end of the firework show.

We are grateful to live in this country and enjoy the freedoms it offers because of the brave men and women who sacrifice much for us. We know that this is truly a nation under God and feel so blessed to have that knowledge.