June 28, 2011

Daddy's girl

John and I cannot believe we have a 3 month old! How has it already been 1/4 of a year that we have had this sweet little addition to our family?? Wellit's probably quite obvious from my many blogs and facebook posts that I sure love this little stinker. But John's a little more reserved with expressing his feelings, so I'll do it for him.. He LOVES being a daddy!

In the mornings you can find him pressing the snooze button a few times so he can spend "just 5 more minutes" snuggling up with his baby girl. He loves the big smiles she gives him before he leaves for work each day. After he gets home from a long day he usually goes straight for Addie, even when she's crying. As they spend more time together, John figures out just what she likes and how he can make her laugh or calm her down when she's upset. He even changes poopy diapers--what a man! Adeline sure loves her Daddy!

Daddy teaching Adeline how to hold her bottle


Daddy's father day present, locket cuff links so he can always have his loved ones with him!

June 20, 2011

School's out for the summer!

School is finally out and Addie has already gotten a head start bringing on the summer fun! She has been up to all kinds of activities like swimming, going on family walks, watching her Uncle Shayne play ball and much more! Adeline is very alert and loves interacting with others. She's awake much more often and we all enjoy her lots. Momma is so excited to spend more time with this sweet girl!!!

Her first swim with Johanna, Carson, and Savannah
She thought the water was still a little cold for her liking!

Adeline's first family crawfish boil! These guys were flown in all the way from New Orleans to celebrate Uncle Frankie's birthday!! It was John's first crawfish boil too, he ate until his lips burned. Too spicy for Addie girl, maybe next year.
Becca taught John how the real tough guys suck the heads!
Big Cousin Nick keeping an eye on Adeline

To top it all off, Addie went to her very first major league baseball game! She watched the Washington Nationals defeat the Baltimore Orioles. She was such a good girl and didn't even mind the noise and the crowds even though it was a little past her bedtime. One of the workers gave her a first game certificate and Nationals pin to save for when she gets a bit older!
We are looking forward to lots more fun in the sun this summer with our sweet angel girl!

June 6, 2011

Tonight's entertainment

Our little girl is changing every day! She has been much more generous with her smiles, giving friends and family glimpses of her precious grins. Not only is she smiling more, but she's also started to try to giggle! She isn't quite there yet, but boy, almost never sounded so sweet. She's been talking up a storm and using her hands like crazy. At home we no longer watch tv, instead we watch Adeline :)

Our little monkey
Laughing with Daddy
Starting to look more like Daddy