December 16, 2010

So Sweet!

No, not cute little cuddly baby items, but sweet, savory, delicious pork!!! I love love love being home. And to be quite honest, besides a few close friends, there isn't much I miss about being in Utah. BUT-- one thing I have to admit I do miss is good ole' Cafe Rio (Costa Vida makes a pretty good runner up). I guess pregnancy is known to bring on ridiculous cravings, hence my costco pickle jar. But lately, John and I have both been craving sweet pork salads/burritos. Chipotle is definitely a family favorite here, but its just not the same!

Tuesday night we were having the missionaries over for dinner. What a perfect excuse to cook up a little goodness! So thanks to our friends Erin and James who have perfected the recipe, we made the sweet pork, cilantro-lime rice, and cilantro-lime ranch dressing. Serve up over lettuce =SOOOO GOOOOOD. The elders loved it and John says he could eat it everyday. Too bad we ate all the left overs for lunch on Wednesday. I'm craving it again already!! Thanks E & J!!

December 14, 2010

It's a.....

Finally, she revealed herself!!! Daddy Harding was in shock for a few minutes. He was convinced we were having a little baby boy. But the next day he was as excited as ever, reading articles about raising girls and even making up a list of names he liked. Ever since we found out, we have been trying to imagine what she'll look like or guess what hobbies she'll enjoy. Here's our sweet little girl. She won't be here until April, not soon enough!

December 10, 2010

Come out and play little baby!!!

This was suppose to be posted YESTERDAY.....

Well, Baby decided to be shy at the last ultra-sound, even after juice, jogging, AND jumping jacks. Try #2 is today so baby better come out and play, or at least spread 'em!

We were hoping to know what we were having before the most important day of the year, Black Friday! Unfortunately, baby did not cooperate so we were forced to cut out the pink and lace or blue and dinosaurs from our radar and gaze only at the bland gender neutral clothing...blah. Needless to say, Baby Harding did not take advantage of those bargain finds at midnight madness.

However, we have found a few great finds from the neighborhood craig's list! I just love feeling like a high roller with the best brands out there, paying only a portion of the cost. I was most excited about finding this amazing Bugaboo cameleon. They have like 10 different positions. We got it in orange, fun gender neutral and not to mention UVA colors!

Another great find- this Little Castle Glider in black toile. Love it right??

We'll keep you posted on the status of baby... and any extremities we may or may not see!