June 4, 2013

Ready for the Summer

The last day we spent in Charlottesville was Mother’s Day. My hubs and kiddies served me breakfast in bed, cuddled, and “shared” my breakast, hah.

I got a Helen Ficalora charm with my little Hunter boy’s initial. Another great present I enjoyed was that my parents and Shayne spent the night so that they could help us clean up and pack up so we could get the heck out. It was so nice to have some extra hands. It’s unbelievable how much extra time everything takes with 2 kiddos! It sure is a good thing they are so dang cute!

We have really made ourselves at home in Harding Manor in Bethesda this summer. During our first week here, we decided to potty train Addie girl (sorry Hardings!). We felt like she was screaming that she was ready and I knew I would need some help with 2 of them around. We did the one day approach and it really clicked with her. She has been very successful which has made everyone happy! Now, 3 weeks later she’s getting the poo part down pact and even wakes up dry from naps and bedtime. (Hooray!!!!)

look at that cute little bottom!

There isn’t as much play room for the kids here, but John’s commute has been so nice, and we have loved getting to spend more time with him. It’s also been fun to see more of Beans and Grammy. Addie got to spend a day with Grammy at school and had a ball!

John’s also really been enjoying living so close to the water again. He’s been able to enjoy a few kayak excursions with some buddies and Dave.

John’s been enjoying his work at Winston Strawn so far. Not only are they keeping him busy in the office, and feeding him delicious lunches, but they are also filling up his social calendar with great evening activities like cooking class, softball games, billiards night, casino night, and a Nat’s game.

The kiddos and I try to keep ourselves busy during the day with fun summer outings to the pool, library, park or friends. We would really like to take advantage of all the fun things this area has to offer. So far we’ve enjoyed some nice walks around the neighborhood and an outdoor festival. We hope to make it to the zoo, children’s museum, and a few other kid friendly DC outings while we are here. 

Imagination Bethesda Street Festival

 First swim of the summer!

Walk to downtown Bethesda with Dad

Growing boy:

morning hair

First time in the bumbo

First solid food

Hanging out with big sis