April 17, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Addie was having a rough week last week as 3 new teeth were finding their way into her little mouth. She loves music and so Mommy and baby did a lot of singing. It was during this time that we figured out a new talent Addie has, choreography!

We always knew Addie was a great dancer. Anytime a song comes on the radio or even tv commercial that has a good beat, you can bet this girl is bouncing to it. Addie and I go to an exercise class together 4 times a week. They play fun songs over speakers and sometimes the Mommy's sing and dance to little nursery rhymes with our kiddos as we do squats or lift weights. We have sang wheels on the bus, abc's, twinkle twinkle, monkeys jumping on the bed, and itsy bitsy spider.

Last week when we were having a bit of a teething melt down I started singing itsy bitsy spider. To my surprise Addie stopped crying and started doing the motions that she saw the mommy's doing at exercise class. I couldn't believe it! We had never sang this one at home and she never really seemed that interested in it during class.

I was able to catch some of it on camera a little later in the day. Notice she is teary eyed again from those rotten teeth. Watch as Addie makes the spider with her cute little fingers, brings down the rain just at the right moment, and makes the sun come up (though a little low on that one..) She even moves her lips like she's singing.

She is pretty much the cutest.

April 11, 2012

Our little chicky-poo

Adeline is one! The year has certainly flown by. This sweet little girl has brought so much joy into our lives each day. We just can't help but smile at her darling faces and sparkling personality.
We celebrated surrounded by lots of family and friends. After the party, Addie and I left John in C-ville and enjoyed a week at the beach with the Carvers and lots of the Kentlands ward gang. Here are a few fun Easter shots of our beautiful little chicky.

Birthday pictures to come...